2018: Was it beautiful to see a mirror lift

When the long series of scenes, voices, smells, tastes, and touches of the past year come to a restless, intimidating, and provocative, a very unpleasant, licentious, guilt-ridden thing is left at the end. It is disillusioned. As if for four and a half years, someone has been saying in the old voice of Bahadur Shah Zafar – “Zahid did not rise for God, nor for the sake of God. It should not happen that even the same Kafir Sanam came out.” But what did Zahid do, this year Sanam raised the curtain herself, see this is me.

The common people debated about the Finomina, the person who was most analyzed, in the train or bus journey, whose tone was to pronounce the name of the passengers there to be religiously-politically polarized and bring about the fight. The power remained a mystery in its attempt to hide its educational degree (which is given ceremonially from the public platform) Or, it was a year of his disguise or disillusionment with him.

In the merciless cold of December, the chilling public is beginning to feel that he had taken a cream vessel of whiteness in a misfortunate moment, confused by the glare of the advertisement, had taken the tall medicine, licked the youth returning to the baldness, of baldness. Tired of taunts, I had lost hair growing oil. And now the perverse results of steroids and other chemicals are coming out, which nobody can complain about because both the election and the glorified ones were ours.

Union minister close to RSS, Nagpuri Nitin Gadkari, has started sounding like a Satyavadi sage who said in an interview to a Marathi channel in October – “We were absolutely confident in 2014 that we would not be able to come to power so we had to make big promises.” It was told. When it comes to power, the public asks about the promises and we go ahead with a laugh. ”

There is no hope from the New Year or beyond, but after the BJP’s defeat in the assembly elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in December, a sense of relief is being felt everywhere that the killings by the rampaging mob and Ministers will not see the glorification of the killers. In the background, Amit Shah’s claim to the right hand of the Prime Minister is echoing that the BJP will rule for the next fifty years and that he will be sharing political mileage by spreading rumors capable of creating hatred for the party’s young WhatsApp warriors before the Rajasthan elections in Kota. Doing annotation

Which Appeared

There are two pictures that define the bygone year.

One day of July, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is looking at a Congress MP after eyeing (or getting hugged) Prime Minister Narendra Modi sitting in Parliament. Despite being such an opponent, Rahul did not show any kind of nonsense like showing politics of love or politics of love against the politics of hate. The message was short and clear- ‘You keep me thinking Pappu. I can tell your reality by breaking into your aura and entering your personal space.

It was a symbol of the same confidence with which Narendra Modi himself embraced leaders such as Obama, Donald Trump, Hollande, Putin, Netanyahu and Shinzo Abe, expressing that even the Prime Minister of India could treat leaders of powerful nations as equals. Modi’s stunned reaction and his absurd response to it being a symbol of Rahul’s backwardness to gain power also immediately showed that the arrow was on the right target. The Congress did not change, the opposition did not change, but after this incident, it can be seen as a hole in Modi’s aura and Rahul Gandhi’s recognition as a mature politician.

Another picture is stuck behind this picture. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi asks Chandramani, a farmer woman living in Kanharpuri, Chhattisgarh, through video conferencing, she says – “We have doubled farmers’ income.” After some time she appears telling a reporter, “If the officers from Delhi asked us to speak like this, then they said otherwise the income is very old.”

Two – the month of May, a frightened Muslim boy is glued to the chest of a sub-inspector of Uttarakhand police, Gagandeep Singh and a saffron skimmer, a mob of BJPers opposing ‘Love Jihad’ wants to drag him to death . This boy was sitting near a temple in Ramnagar with his Hindu girlfriend. Slogans were raised against the police, threats were made to his family, the sub-inspector was sent on leave.

The second aspect of this picture was seen in December in Chingrawathi town of Bulandshahr in UP, ruled by the BJP. In this picture, the torso of an Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh is hanging from a jeep, the head is buried in the ground. The inspector had gone to convince the BJP workers who were blocking the road to protest against Gaukasi. He was shot with his revolver.

Gandeep somehow saved the Muslim boy, but the raging mob killed a dutiful officer in Bulandshahr because in the twenties of so-called proselytizing incidents by the mob between these two, a very small part of civil society from a safe distance if on social media He was reprimanded with the manger but remained silent as usual for fear of wrath of power on the ground. These two officers were exceptions, otherwise, during this period, the army and police officers, who saw the edge of oil and oil, kept making fake stories in favor of the ruling dynasties of Hindutva, acting on the victims and following the law. In Kashmir, pellet gun shocks rained like showers of rain, despite claims of giving a befitting reply to terrorists, infiltrations and murders continued. Here you can see the picture of Hiba, an 18-month-old girl who lost an eye with such pellets and also that fax machine due to which the Governor, Satpal Malik, had to impose President’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir.


The public’s ears got accustomed to the noise of the ships that took many foreigners, including Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Chauksi, who took billions of billions in turn and are sitting there saying the same thing. That the condition of Indian jails is not such that they can return to rot in them.

Instead of how they lambasted the government that proclaimed ‘Na khoona na khoona lenga’, it would be important to know instead that it has been contributed by some government agency officer or elder leader to drive away each of them. The management of Punjab National Bank, which has suffered the biggest eleven thousand crores, has decided that now the annual meetings of the board will start and end with the national anthem. This is the Modi-magic in which every real problem is covered by the deafening noise of the fake nationalism and the glowing glare.

High noise from these ships was also heard from the Rafale Rafale fighter aircraft bought from France and the slogan ‘Chowkidar hi chor hai’ which has caught the government in real trouble. If the dull voices of the 1,007 chartered aircraft that landed at Mumbai airport on the same day are also taken into consideration, it will be heard with the music orchestra of corruption when the guests of the world brought Mukesh Ambani’s daughter to the wedding. For the first time, a branch of the Ambani house was given permission by the government to enter into a defense deal and to increase its sinking company, the prices of Rafate Jet were increased.

The voices of the most angry and influential meitu-meitu were heard by hundreds of women who would continue to chase sexually abusive white men for a long time. Due to the courage of these women, the minister of Modi government and MJ Akbar, who has run a harem for decades in journalism, had to resign and hide in the dark. The judiciary, journalism, bureaucracy, film, art have reached all the places of spark, there is a lot going on inside, whose flames will be seen in the coming days.

This campaign against patriarchy, that is, arbitrariness of men, is going to go on for a very long time and one day, even in politics, the domination of the almighty male leaders who are seen almighty will end.

Which Smell And Smell

This year, the air of cities is poisoned not just by pollution, but also by the smell of conspiracies. Those who spread all kinds of rumors through WhatsApp by taking salaries started being called political activists. In the preservation of power throughout the country, such traps were organized in an organized manner in which innocents appearing with cow are slaughtered as cow killers, resulting in the benefits of Hindu polarization in elections.

Despite dozens of incidents of mob lynching, the fearful silence of Muslims as a community did not allow the riots to take place as before. There was no response, so the motive was also not fulfilled. This frustration went to Ayodhya for the Ram Mandir to bring an ordinance to Parliament and threaten the Supreme Court to give an early verdict.

This was most clearly felt in Sabarimala where the ruling BJP is not ready to accept the court verdict despite the right of women of menstrual age to enter the temple, but is also creating public opinion against it. Progressive women are seeing this as a conspiracy to keep themselves in a condition like lesser citizens and untouchables.

A conspiracy started on the first day of the year with a violent clash between the Dalits and Hindutvaists celebrating victory over the Brahminist Peshwai army in Koregaon-Bhima, Maharashtra, two hundred years ago by the untouchable Mahar Regiment of the British Army. . At first a funny word ‘Urban Naxal’ came into practice, then in August, many prominent human rights and social activists and journalists were arrested and detained.

Throughout the year, the CBI has been betting on the murder of Judge Loya and of saving a prominent politician who killed many in fake encounters in Gujarat, which will continue.

The reservation review, the Manusmriti replacing the Constitution and the murmur of making India a Hindu nation instead of democracy had been in the air for a long time, on which a spontaneous agitation that shocked the Dalits this year was blown away. The Supreme Court, by giving a verdict, looted many provisions for filing a case and arrest under the Scheduled Caste / Tribe Atrocities Prevention Act-1989. Without the call and participation of any political party, social organizations of Dalits and newly formed youth groups successfully closed India on April 2 using social media and the government had to overturn the court’s decision by bringing amendments to Parliament.

Not only this happened, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had to declare for the first time in September to fully accept the constitution. The old leadership of the Dalits has fallen prey to opportunistic electoral politics, but on several occasions this year, their spontaneous actions have given a strong indication that a new kind of social consciousness is brewing within them that new leadership can also emerge in future.

Taste And Touch

The industrious money and management skills of the industrialists came out of the minds of the learned mercenaries, the successful marketing strategies to reshape the public and create an image of a resentful government with two below average ability not only to the top of power but also myth and legend. Got close to being. The problem was that with one hand the profit-centricity – modern corporate and ancient Varnashrami with the other was impossible to balance the Hindutva, could not manage, was blown away.

In order to realize his original fantasies of making India a ‘super power’ through bullet trains, digital India, demonetisation, GST, Make in India, fifteen lakhs of black money to every man’s account and word-expansion He did it in front.

It has also been proved that the rights of democracy, facilities from science and technology, new habits and lifestyles from facilities cannot be fought by taking the Hindu beyond more than a limit to contest the questions of religion, caste and culture of history. The real opposition of the BJP-RSS is not the secular parties. So they are now falling from the height of fierce Hindu-pride created by marketing and branding and to realize it is to know the touch of their time.

After mixing chili and spices in its time, media is the name of modern kitchen serving on TV, newspaper and mobile screens. The mental, physical sensations that occur while not eating the dishes of this media are the taste of our time. Most of the mainstream media is currently engaged in winning the 2019 general election, teaching false history and inciting hatred towards Muslims in sensational constructive ways and for that a word ‘dock media’ has come into vogue .

Domesticating the media is a costly deal, so the far-right RSS-BJP has given the desired results through indigenous IT cell, in cottage industry style, at low cost.

Fictional videos, rumors, and information designed to discredit opponents, have set up a factory to produce huge amounts of stories.

In the coming days, with the availability of artificial intelligence technology, this factory is also going to set up other political parties, which will increase confusion with the competition, it will become more difficult to distinguish truth and falsehood from now. The common man will be doomed to dwell in the midst of lies and rumors. Only spices will be left, it will become difficult to feel the taste of your time. This is a big challenge which is going to come up soon in a macabre form.

And finally:

To understand what the rest of the world was doing, Jamal Khashogi, a journalist based in the US, was summoned inside his embassy at the behest of Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and sacked. In response to this, liberalism-democracy-human rights-freedom of the press-rule of law, etc., the world’s most powerful leader, Donald Trump, should be considered what he said. Trump holds the nationalist chola – “I have persuaded the King of Saudi Arabia to invest a record 450 billion dollars in America. It will provide employment, economic growth and prosperity to thousands of Americans. Saudi Arabia is the largest oil producing country Is there, the king of mine agrees to keep the oil prices at a reasonable rate at my request. I want to harm the American interests in this dangerous world. The’m your defense. This is called a policy of “America First” in a nutshell. ”

And it also said, “This whole world is immoral and therefore the whole world is responsible for the circumstances that led to the killing of Khashoggi”.

In this way, you were also responsible for the murder whose poor Donald Trump could not do justice because American nationalism could be in danger.

A Very Happy New Year.