Danger of being buried under your own photo and voice

On June 26, on the anniversary of the Emergency, the government celebrated black day by drunkenness. The motive was to tell that the people should not pay attention to the rumors of the opposition, Prime Minister Modi is not going to dissolve parliament or become a dictator, nor will he change the constitution to create a Hindu nation. The speech he gave in Mumbai had the sensation that flows from the actors’ eyes as glycerin. Thirty-eight years later, he remembered the pain of a freaking singer, saying, “When Kishore Kumar refused to sing for Congress, his songs were not allowed to be played on the radio.”

The very next month, the anchor of a news channel, Punya Prasun Bajpai, refused to sing for the BJP and then got him out of his job. Emergency Indira Gandhi had prevented Kishore Kumar’s songs from playing only on AIR, but had not kicked on her stomach. If the voice does justice to emotion then the singer becomes news. If this news is done with the truth then it becomes a song. Punya Prasun is a singer who sang at least one song from Chandramani Kaushik of Chhattisgarh.

Jobs were also eaten in the democratic way prevalent in spirituality so that the threat of dictatorship is not heard. The owner of the channel was told, Your anchor neither take my name nor show my photo, whatever else it does. It was a condition of walking on water which meant only one song, Kishore Kumar of the media has played a lot of songs! Now be silent

An Inevitable Market

It seems a matter of great significance that the Prime Minister of a large country like India would give so much attention to the anchor of a channel … But this is happening and there is a solid reason for this, the clear sounds of which are present in the language of Modi’s speeches like ‘Burn me at the crossroads’. Huh. He had never chosen a big goal for himself, but had made a smokeless campaign of impossible dreams.

Why is Prime Minister Modi refusing to put his name and photo in the midst of criticism of the government, so harshly, to the extent of tearing, how the Prime Minister Modi, who is playing the pitch of democracy. What is the reason? Whereas he himself says that democracy dies without criticism. That is why he fought against Emergency. They also respect the opinionated Ramnath Goenka and Kuldeep Nayar.

A fast-paced film starts looking for answers. Some ‘Gustakhi Maaf’ or those cartoons that show the channel at the time of elections – Chandramani is sitting in Kanharpuri, Chhattisgarh.

Modi is sitting in Delhi to take the plight of farmer beneficiaries through video conferencing.

Anchor of the channel sits behind a compartment in the middle which is palmning them both.

Modi goes running between the police batches, says something to Chandramani’s ear and quickly comes to his place.

As soon as the conferencing starts, Chandramani says yes, our income has doubled, the Prime Minister laughs.

The anchor, while narrowing his eyes, sends a reporter to Chandramani, she now says that nothing has happened, if she comes from Delhi and asks to speak.

Modi stares and looks at the Information Minister, Minister Gurra Kar says the channel is false.

The anchor again sends the reporter to Chandramani, but the police is hiding behind him.

The policemen go some distance to punch Khani, there is so much opportunity for Chandramani, she says, the police thing in front of the police, the real thing in their house, this is the public.

Hissing in anger, Modi first called the BJP spokespersons and ministers back to the channel, stopped government advertisements, and then stopped the advertisements of private companies.

If the anchor is not silent, then the government starts firing on the satellite link of the channel from a teleport. Soot paint starts appearing on the screen, Anchor is sitting in the studio and flies with intent. When a pile of flies is found, the owner of the channel says, “Neither will you show Modi’s picture nor will you name me, walk on water.”

The anchor is wondering why the owner cannot see the omnipresent Modi. He goes out of the channel, drinking a glass of water, walking on the ground.

You must be feeling that Mahajhut is a scene, when did Prime Minister Modi do this? But just look closely at the information minister, the channels reviewing staff, the information ministry officials, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh, the way officials, policemen and technicians demolish satellite links for a certain period of time. Is Modi not seen in the manner of mixing, calling, drinking tea, lifting eyes and dropping?

This is how power works. There was Modi, so there was not only confidence but also fear of punishment, so everyone worked doubly vigorously. If this does not happen, where is Chandramani and where is the channel! They don’t even go peeping. To an extent, a notice would be sent to an officer.

But why does Modi want his photo not seen or names with negative news. Look at the pictures of the last four years, success will be booming from all of them. To give a message of hope, celebration, enthusiasm, it was necessary to remain silent during negative events like mob lynching, bank scam, Dalit resentment, rape, GDP collapse, etc. Avoid going to such places otherwise denying their pictures and disappointment She would have become a reason to create.

In the last five years, the only successful Virat project of image-making has been started, which even before the general election, speeches with fake red knuckles, sticking Namo Namo stickers on cars, and the effect of their image and voice in election rallies through LED screens, many Increased fold. In the meantime, the work done in the much publicized government schemes is the jugaad of those contractors and engineers

Adjustments Everyday

There are less than those whose roads are uprooted in the first rainy season. That is why people like Chandramani have to manage, which is impossible because it is not a government employee who will be silent for fear of losing his job. She will tell the truth in the middle of saying ‘Ganga fish you too beautiful- Jamuna fish you too beautiful’.

Being devoid of karma and consequences, the weight of the voices laden with brilliant fingertips, promises and proclamations is increasing. There are thousands of photographs and hundreds of speeches that are being used these days to tell the difference between the words and actions of the government. The media on which it is being done is far ahead of the news channel. A riot also provokes fire. There is a danger of suppressing the Prime Minister under the huge pile of his pictures and his own voices.

One plan – one Chandramani – one truth and so much fury. What will Prime Minister Modi do when there is a danger of going to power? As the election draws closer, the tone of Kishore Kumar in every region will get louder, then Modi will either have to accept the failure or come out in his real form by democratizing his costume. It is not impossible to have anything before the election.