Debt waiver within ten hours not ten days

Neither the oath of ministers nor the cabinet meeting. Power changed and Kamal Nath signed the loan waiver document of the farmers as soon as he took oath as Chief Minister. This is indeed the first time that politics has taken over the economy or whether political economics has become true of India. The mess that has been played with the country’s economy for political power in the last four years has given the opposition the signal that the economy will continue, it is necessary to create the conditions to get power first and then to handle it.

The same thing happened. After fifteen years of power in the debt-ridden Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the Congress got the declaration of debt waiver within ten hours without any delay, and all the traditional questions were aired that the state budget was its Allows or not.

In fact, in the way Modi government has run the government, even a common man can close his eyes and say that demonetisation was a political decision rather than economic. The way GST was implemented was a political decision, not an economic one. It is also a political necessity to demand to deposit three lakh crores rupees deposited in the Reserve Bank in the market. The first two decisions broke the country’s economic back, and the Reserve Bank’s decision brought the crumbling economy to the surface.

Then when Arvind Subramanian, who was the Chief Economic Advisor of the Modi government during the time of demonetisation and GST, left the post, he wrote a book (of the Council, The Challenge of Modi-Jaitley Economy) and told the world how the decision of demonetisation was fatal for economic development. , And how GST complicates the economy.

On the other hand Raghuram Rajan, a former governor of the Reserve Bank, considered close to the Congress, believes that their woes will not go away with the debt waiver of the farmers. Incidentally, the day Raghuram Rajan was saying this, Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh and Bhupesh Baghel in Chhattisgarh were the first to sign a loan waiver document after taking oath as CM.

What are the confusions?

The question is three. First, has the political and economy streak disappeared. Second, is the 1991 Liberal economy now its age? Thirdly, have the difficult circumstances of rural India now come in a position to give direction to mainstream politics. Together, these three questions are setting the political situation of 2019 in such a way in which the country is no longer in a position to look back. On this board, not only the economic reforms of 1991, but also the politics of satraps coming out of Mandal-Kandal.

How the streak of politics and economy is erased and India is moving in the direction of alternative political economics, it can be understood well through the Congress. Congress is making the corporate love of Modi a political issue. The debt waiver of farmers and increasing the land for small and medium industries and the interests of the workers are trying to look beyond the question of MNREGA. While these grounds were strongly opposed by the Manmohan Brand Economy. But now the Congress is understanding agricultural economics, but its poster is none other than Manmohan Singh.

That is, after winning victory in three states, politics which has taken a turn has been allowed to be used uniquely in the politics of the country at many levels simultaneously. Or have created the idea of ​​changing oneself. At the first level, the Congress is trying to move towards adopting growth with employment because the way the Modi regime adopted the framework of the Liberal economy, it became a ‘growth without jobs’ situation.

On the second level, in the way the Congress came to the center of the politics of the opposition, the question has arisen in front of the satraps that even if the BJP opposes, it cannot win the victory. They will have to stand with the Congress. And at the third level, the situation has become such that there was an NDA with all the contradictions that needed power, but now UPA is being formed which needs to save more political ground than power. This view has also come to light from the opposition riding in a bus during the swearing in of the Congress in three states. However, many speculations have also arisen due to the absence of Mayawati, Akhilesh and Mamta.

In fact, Modi-Shah’s BJP began to wipe out Mamata’s political ground by rubbing power and threatening investigative agencies. So there is a crisis in front of the satraps that they cannot go with the BJP and ignore the Congress. But in this episode also it has to be understood that the Congress has got the mandate in three states only on the opposition of the Congress or the opposition of the BJP. Within this victory, the silent pain of the Muslim vote bank is also hidden.

Due to debt waiver, the politics of OBC and SC-ST community is also hidden and in Rajasthan, the coming of Jats with Congress is completely hidden. If we examine this canvas on the board of 2019, then there is this crisis in front of the satraps, how to avoid going on Congress terms with the Congress. Because when the Congress is successful in converting Modi’s opposition to power in its favorable mandate, then the challenge before the satraps is that if they remain against the Congress, then any unwanted message will be that they are with the BJP. In that case, why would a Muslim, Dalit, Jat or a section benefiting from debt waiver support any satrap.

Mamta, Maya and Akhilesh will also be seen in the next meeting of all opposition parties in January. Now the challenge before BJP is how to keep its allies together and how to leave the path of Liberal economy and move to implement alternative economic model. The political economics of 2019 is now being clearly written on the text. To corporate

The facility or concession will now be turned towards rural India.

That is, it will not work now that if Urjit Patel resigned as the Governor of the Reserve Bank, the stock market and the Sensex were handled by the corporate by making Shaktikanta Das the Governor. This is because it is believed that he will follow Modi at the behest of power. And the message has been given to the country that the economic thinking of the government is on track, Urjit Patel was the only one unaware.