Economy bigger than France and GDP 20 times less than France

According to the new report of the World Bank, India has become the sixth largest economy in the world. Before India, France used to be in sixth place. By the end of June 2017, India’s GDP has reached 2.597 trillion, France’s GDP is 2.582 trillion. Britain is at number five, with a GDP of $ 2.622 trillion. Trillion’s Arab-Khabar, you do it yourself, I do, sometimes it goes wrong. There is not much difference in the GDP of countries ranked five, six and seven. Nevertheless, India is ahead of France in the list.

The population of India is one billion 37 crores and France has six and a half crores. It can also be guessed. This means that India’s per capita GDP is only a small part of France’s per capita GDP. France’s per capita GDP is 20 times that of India. He will not tell you Arun Jaitley because it reduces the brightness of the headline. This analysis has been found in a news of Times of India.

America’s GDP is $ 19.39 trillion, China’s GDP is $ 12.24 trillion, Japan’s GDP is 4.87 trillion, Germany’s GDP is $ 3.68 trillion, Britain is 2.62 trillion, India is 2.597 trillion.

Anubhuti Vishnoi of Economic Times on 11 July has written that Mukesh Ambani himself appeared before the committee with the proposal of Jio Institute. Vinay Sheel Oberoi became education advisor with him. According to this news, Mukesh Ambani answered all the questions and his dream was kept in front of the ministry even during the previous government.

Institute Of Eminence

Mukesh Ambani’s Education Advisor Vinay Sheel Oberoi was the Secretary of Higher Education in the Ministry when the “Institute of Eminence” was announced in the 2016 budget. During 2016, there have been many discussions between the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Human Resources regarding its design. In February 2017, Vinay Sheel retired. In September 2017, the “Institute of Eminence” rules are announced.

The committee for the “Institute of Eminence” is announced only in February. The rule for IAS is that only one year after retiring, one can accept a commercial job offer. It seems that he has joined Ambani’s group after one year.

Journalist Anubhuti Vishnoi sent questions to Reliance and Vinay Sheel Oberoi but did not get the answer. Anubhuti has written that she has seen the proposals of Reliance, stating that in five years, she will spend 6000 crores on research and will tie up with the top 50 universities in the world. Reliance has written in its experiences about education that many of its schools run in which 13,000 students study. Mukesh Ambani himself has been associated with IIM Bangalore.

On July 11, Nitin Sethi and Aditi Phadnis report about Jio Institute has been published in Business Standard. It says that within two weeks of the “Institute of Eminence” becoming the norm, the Reliance Foundation became part of the “Institution of Research, Reliance Group”. This company will create Jio Institute in Maharashtra.

Two rules for “Institute of Eminence” especially helped Reliance a lot. One was that the person who comes with the university’s proposal should have his own financial status of more than 50 billion rupees. The second provision was that the group should have a great record in the matter of landing the land in any area.

Notification of new provisions was issued on 20 August 2017. On September 12, 2017, the company was formed with members Nita Dhirubhai Ambani and Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani. The Business Standard report claimed that the new rules opened the way for Reliance. There were three categories to apply, Government, Private and Greenfield categories. Reliance applied in the greenfield category. It was not necessary to tell about the land in this category. The applicants of the same category were asked whether the land is there or not. Business Standard has written that it could not find out what Reliance has answered to this question. By the way, under this scheme, the government will not give a penny to a private institution.

Read this report of Veena Mani of Business Standard. Soon after demonetisation, there was news that there are 2.5 lakh shell companies, of which 3 lakh are directors. In those reports, all these shell companies were presented as if they were a means of turning black money white. There were many news related to this from time to time, but I could not even keep track of myself and I could not understand the things related to it. There is also some information related to this in Veena’s report.

Veena Money has written that 13,993 shell companies have again registered with the Registrar of Companies. Their registration was canceled after demonetisation. Not only this, around 30,000 people have been declared eligible to become directors again. Their names were also removed during the ongoing action against the shell companies. It is also written in this news that the minister is also working on deciding better definition of shell companies.

Business Standard has written that it was found in the first list of such companies that these companies do not fill annual reports and income tax returns. Their investigation is not yet complete. Many thousand of these companies do not even have PAN numbers. So far, only 73,000 companies have been able to get records of transactions with the government.

240 billion rupees were deposited in these companies at the time of demonetisation. The Income Tax Department is investigating whether there has been any disturbance. Ties made on shell companies in November last year

During the meeting of the Force, the Director General of Corporate Affairs had suggested that the department should talk to the Registrar of Companies so that these companies can be revived to earn revenue.

There are 11 lakh companies registered in India. Out of these only 5 lakh are fully operated, apart from shell companies, there are also disappearing companies. Nothing of 400 such companies is being known. No one knows how much black money was received from 2.5 lakh shell companies, but the action against them is presented as if black money has been received. There is no need to look at your account for 15 lakhs again and again, keep searching for news from here and there.

A column comes in Business Standard itself. It contains economic data. Its first line is that recent economic data shows that the economic environment has become very weak. Industrial activity is at its lowest in seven months. India’s trade deficit has been the highest in five years. India’s export growth in May 2018 was 20.2 percent, which came down to 17.6 percent in June. On the other hand, oil imports rose to 21.3 percent in June. Accordingly, India is importing more than what it is exporting. The trade deficit in May was $ 14.62 billion, which increased to $ 16.61 billion in June.

Newspapers and channels in Hindi do not have all this information. The channels and newspapers in Hindi do not have the consistency and experienced reporter they need to catch such news. TV channels do not have them at all. That is why you have translated the news printed in both newspapers. I do this public service for myself as well as for all the readers of Hindi so that we get some different context and perspective.