Madan Lal Saini: confident on the seventh sky, Raje will be the government

The leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Rajasthan seems completely discouraged. This situation is clearly visible in his statements. On Saturday, the current Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje reached the party headquarters in Jaipur, but after the exit poll results came against her, she left without talking to the media persons standing outside.

The incident occurred after an informal meeting of Raje with state BJP president Madan Lal Saini, Election Management Committee convenor Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and state organization secretary Chandrashekhar. However, Vasundhara Raje made a comment without coming in front of the camera and the mic that “Don’t worry, we are returning to power”.

However, Raje’s remarks showed lack of confidence. The trends in exit polls have raised alarm bells for the BJP. According to exit polls of various TV channels, the BJP and the Raje government are on the verge of losing Rajasthan. However, Election Management Committee convenor Shekhawat told the media that after the meeting of the leaders of the four states, we believe that they are going to emerge as the single largest party and are going to form the government.

When Shekhawat was asked whether mistakes were made from him, there is a huge difference between emerging as the largest party and reaching the majority figure. To this, Union Minister and Jodhpur MP Shekhawat replied, “I said that we will emerge as the single largest party and form the government. We will touch the mark of majority”. He said, “Nothing wrong has happened. 180 is the goal set to inspire our workers.”

In the conversation, Shekhawat admitted that they are keeping a close watch on at least 60 seats. The reason for this is that there can be a triangular struggle or a tough competition on these seats. Reacting to the question of the strategy of bringing such candidates in his court, Shekhawat said, “Although we do not feel the need to do this, our people are working on such a possibility. BJP is ready for all possibilities” . ”

A senior BJP source said that the party is not denying any possibility and is working on all fronts, “whether it is about the rebels or the people who formed the new political front in the state. Their gesture Hanuman was towards Beniwal and Ghanshyam Tiwari.

Talks Not Up To The Mark

On the other hand, the state BJP chief Saini is speaking in complete contrast to these options. He dismissed the trends of exit polls which came out and said that BJP will return to power with absolute majority and also said that BJP is expecting a tough challenge in only 20 seats. It is also funny that they do not agree with the number given by Shekhawat.

In its first interview given to Newslaundry after the exit poll results were revealed, state BJP President Madan Lal Saini said that the BJP is fully prepared to save Rajasthan. He ruled out any anger or resistance between the farmers and the youth.

Excerpt from conversation with Amit Bhardwaj:

What does the internal response from legislatures, district level party officials say?

We will form government in Rajasthan with absolute majority. BJP is ready to break the myth that Rajasthan has to change its government every five years. We will prove it again by forming a government in Rajasthan.

But exit polls tell a different story. This is completely different from yours.

I do not give much importance to the results of exit polls from outside. Instead I believe the reaction of our workers who work on the ground, who bring voters to the booth. I trust my workers. They are saying that we are winning and forming a government.

As far as the exit poll is concerned – it came out in Bihar and Delhi assembly elections, where it was said that BJP is going to form government. Exit poll was revealed in UP, where it was shown that BJP was not even close to victory, but we won the election with a strong majority. The results of exit polls are, in fact, only speculation.

But in UP, in Gujarat and even in Karnataka, there were a handful of exit polls in your favor. So where it is in favor of BJP, you accept it and reject it where it is against you. Why this contradiction?

I do not trust exit polls before the election. I trust the response of my workers.

Which areas of Rajasthan have positive expectations and from where the party is expecting a setback?

What I have claimed is based on the entire picture of Rajasthan. Actual results may be one or two seats back and forth. It is not possible for me to discuss each area in detail.

Generally, the BJP comes up with a number after discussing with its employees from booth level to the state. And you are not yet sharing how many seats you are expecting from the assembly elections?

It would be wrong of me to share in detail with the media. All I can say is that we are winning the election!

Are Claims Correct?

Union Minister Shekhawat said that BJP will emerge as the single largest party and you are claiming that BJP will come back with absolute majority. Why two leaders, two statements?

These are just numbers. If we get 99 seats then BJP will become the largest party. If we get 100 seats then we will get majority. It is just a matter of one or two seats.

So is it going above 99 or 100 (majority number), which you are expecting?

It is not a matter of media. He worries that we are going to form the government.

Imagine that you fall behind in the majority. So what will be Plan-B?

There is no plan B We are not sitting on any alternative plan, because the results will be in our favor.

Let’s move forward. Farmers in Jodhpur said that capping 40 quintals to get MSP of garlic has become a problem for them. They are forced to sell the remaining production at a price of Rs 2 per kg. Do you agree that the BJP has faced the wrath of the farmers in the state?

These are matters of policy and governance. This is such a big issue that cannot be discussed in this way nor will you understand it. Apart from this, such details are also not useful for your channel.

But was the anger of the farmers against you?

There is no anger among the farmers. We have forgiven the loan of farmers up to Rs 50,000. We have also given a contingency compensation of Rs 10,000. We ensured the availability of urea for them. Because of all this, they are very happy with our government.

Do you agree that the Congress can use the issue of unemployment among the youth to garner votes against you?

There is no anger or anger among such youth against us. 76,000 jobs for the youth are in the pipeline and 26,000 jobs are pending because the matter is still in court. Soon everyone will come forward.

Last question, suppose if things do not work according to BJP’s expectations then what would be your alternative plan? Have you formed a team to reach the opposition?

It will not be required. We will not even have any need to manage rebel MLAs. We are confident that the government will be re-formed under the leadership of Vasundhara Rajaji.