# Rajasthan Elections: Meet Alwar’s research lab researchers

Alwar is known as the Singh Gate of Rajasthan. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje reminded the crowd of thousands gathered on Sunday to listen to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But this district with 11 assembly seats has also been infamous for mob lynching in recent years. Alwar has become synonymous with cow protection parties in the last two years. This is the district where the mob was killed by the mob in broad daylight. This is the district where Rakbar was killed by the members of the cow protection party and later he was declared dead under mysterious circumstances.

Ramgarh administrative block of Alwar has been particularly the center of such illegal activities. It has been alleged here that often the police themselves work with the guards. In Ramgarh, the gau rakshaks remain uncontrollable. Till the death of Rakbar Khan, he allegedly had full support of the police. At least this is the claim of the members of the Gau Raksha Dal.

These issues help the saffron brigade strengthen the electoral opportunities of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). During the peak period of the election campaign, we met the young gau rakshaks of Rajasthan. To know who these people are who are ready to “sacrifice their lives for cow mother or say that to take the life of others”.

The youth brigade of gau rakshaks has an 18-year-old youth who wants to go to WWE, and also has a 35-year-old confectioner who has been associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for more than a decade.

Methodology of Cow Guard Parties

The gaurakshaks working in groups affiliated to VHP’s cow protection branch follow some basic things. How is the vehicle identified? They keep an eye on trucks or tampos that have two radiators, additional diesel tanks, the front and rear body of the vehicle extended, as well as vehicles with ambiguous or no numbers.

The head of VHP’s cow protection unit in Alwar, Naval Kishore Mishra, said, “The vehicles that carry cows have mud and cow dung marks on their car. Our boys keep an eye on the arrival of such vehicles. Once such vehicles are seen then the teams concerned are informed. ” After looking at the vehicles, all possible routes are identified from where those vehicles can go and the teams of cow guards are alerted. There are 13-14 such units in Ramgarh alone – each unit has 10 to 20 members.

Mishra, 42, told that after this it is the turn to coordinate with the police. It is to be noted here that Mishra is the person who worked to coordinate between the police and the local gau rakshaks of Lalwandi village during the Rakbar Khan incident. Police is informed about the movement of “cow smugglers” by cow guard teams. But their exact location is reported only 30 minutes before the raid. Mishra said, “This ensures that information is not leaked by the detectives present in the police.” The road is blocked by stones, nails, rails and motorcycles. Mishra told, “Once the cow-smugglers are caught, then they are handed over to the police.”

Young cow protectors claim that they fight for Hinduism and the nation.

1: Ram Khiladi Verma, Halwai (Cow protector and akhada instructor)

This reporter asked, “Who is in your family?” Varma replied, “Two cow-mothers, mother, my wife and two children.” Verma, 35, lives near Chhoti Bawri area of ​​Ramgarh in Alwar. He also works as a confectioner with a tent house and trains the youth in the arena managed by the Bajrang Dal. “I am the district president of the Bajrang Dal’s arena wing. I manage five to six akharas,” he said.

Varma has been training yoga and fencing for young recruits. When asked why do training in fencing, he replied – To save Sanatan Dharma, we should have scripture in one hand and weapons in the other.

Verma had joined the RSS in 1998, and in 2012 had joined the Bajrang Dal. “In the last 18 years, I have been part of the raids to save 16,000-17,000 Gau Dynasty.” He has challenged the Ramgarh police that if they have the courage, they should show a single “cow-smuggler” on their own. According to him, he is very angry with the police because the police has made a case against innocent cow guards in the case of Rakbar’s murder.

Anger Never Good For Anything

Verma, in rage and anger, shares his pain that the media portrays cow guards negatively. He said, “My 65-year-old mother does not sleep at night when I go out for a raid. She knows that maybe I will not be able to come back alive. Our lives are on track, smugglers also use guns and Also shoot. ” In his 18 years of experience, whenever he has caught the vehicle in “rescue” raids, he has not faced any fight yet. The person who “puts his life at stake”, earns 10-12 thousand rupees in the peak season and some months are also when he does not get any work. “I dedicate more and more time to the organization in such months.”

When asked how he manages the expenses of the family. He replied, “We grow crops and vegetables in the field, there are two cow mothers for milk. And we do not need money for anything else.” When asked about the medical expenses, he said, “Listen, sir, I have not been sick in 35 years. It is because of Gau Mata in which 33 gods live.” Varma claimed that he only drinks cow’s milk, uses gobra every 15 days and consumes cow urine every ten days – and this keeps him healthy.

However, he also seems disappointed with Vasundhara Raje’s system, “These are internal differences and will be handled by the organization”.

2: Jaspal Singh Rajput, (gym trainer)

At the entrance of Lalwandi village, a gym is open all day. There is no lock or door. 21-year-old Jaspal Singh Rajput is a gym trainer here. Jaspal, a graduate in BA, joined the RSS in 2013. Since then, are involved in cow protection activities. Rajput says, “Even our elders were involved in cow protection activities.”

When asked why he took the law in hand, his response was, “No son can keep quiet, when someone touches his mother, kills him and removes his skin.” According to him, there is a reasonable reason to kill “cow smugglers” so that they can be taught a suitable lesson and they cannot think of smuggling cows in future. ”

Jaspal Singh Rajput is from Lalwandi and understands the risk of being a cow protector. “Someone may not get a job because a lawsuit is filed against him in the name of cow protector. But this is not enough reason to not protect our mother.” He said that after the killing of Rakbar, the situation had become terrible and the guard parties had to calm down a bit. He himself has found a job in North Delhi, for a short time.

Asked about his expectations from the election, he said, “I do not get into politics. I want the BJP that those who have been arrested in the Rakbar case from the village should be released. BJP should give cow smugglers Law should be brought to hang. ”

The Rajputs have been part of 50 cow raids so far. According to him only those people are beaten up during raids.

3: Ravi Kumar, 12th dropout (Hasakirat known in WWE)

Ravi Kumar, a resident of Chidwai village of Ramgarh, is a 12th dropout. Kumar is 18 years old and joined the cow guard team two years ago. Kumar said, “I am unemployed right now. There is a plan to start something of my own.” In his daily routine, “I go to the gym in the evening and help the housemates”.

Kumar’s only hobby is exercising in the gym. His coach has said that Kumar wishes to join WWE and he will do so soon. However, recently, his interest was limited to some late-night raids.

He had a slightly different start with the Gauraksha Dal. Kumar said, “The first time I participated in the raid was when one of my friends called me. Friends would call.” He further explained that he covers his face during the raid and tries to keep it secret from his family. “I have been part of only a few raids. I am not part of the RSS or Bajrang Dal yet.”