Right wing politics booming in Kerala floods

Those who spread hatred have become all-round. When Kerala is stumbling in an attempt to recover from the biggest disaster in a hundred years, then Rajiv Malhotra, an alleged intellectual living in America in this hour of crisis, writes on Twitter-

“Please donate to help the Hindus in Kerala. Christians and Muslims all over the world have invested a lot of money to help their people and advance their agenda.”

Malhotra later deleted his tweet but by then more than 1000 people had retweeted it. It was also liked by media-generated faces such as Mohandas Pai, who these days constantly show their communal and divisive thinking.

It is a matter of relief for the flood victims that the militant and dedicated people like Indian Navy Commander Vijay Verma were engaged in their rescue and not the alleged intellectuals sitting in the US like Rajiv Malhotra. A pregnant woman was rescued by a naval helicopter. While rescuing, the woman’s water bag was torn. The woman was taken to Kochi Hospital on Friday. His name was Sajida Jabil. They gave birth to their child within two hours of being rescued. Think if Malhotra and those with similar thinking would have been entrusted with the task of rescue, what would they have done to such forced people.

A State Festival

This sedentary group does not even realize that the biggest festival of Kerala, Onam which lasts for ten days, will not be celebrated this time. Onam is not a festival related to any particular religion, but a state festival. People of all religions are involved in this. The people of the state are able to celebrate the festival even in the midst of these hatred yields.

There are also people of special consideration who feel that this disaster was bound to come in Kerala because Malayalees eat beef. Right-wing groups have linked this situation to Hindus and cows.

For example, look at the tweet by Prashant Patel Umrao that linked the floods of 1924 and 2018, writing, “After the genocide of Hindus in Moplah in 1924, natural calamity came and now in 2018 after killing cows and insulting the gods.” Natural disaster has come. ”

The reference to Moplah and the Malabar rebellion of 1921 is that it was a revolt of the Muslims of northern Kerala against the British high officials and their Hindu allies. The rebellion lasted for six months in which more than 10,000 people died. In history, this rebellion is recorded as the first major nationalist rebellion against the British in South India. Reading the tweets of the likes of Umrao, I wonder which deities got angry during the Hudhud in December 2016 in Chennai or in 2014 in Visakhapatnam. In 2013, there was a disaster in Kedarnath, the home of the deity himself, then why the gods were angry.

Lord Ayyappa who is being discussed here is revered in Sabarimala in Kerala. The Supreme Court is hearing in this case whether women of 10 to 50 years of age should be allowed to enter the temple or not. Subject to blind faith and pseudo politics, it is being spread that women want to enter the Sabarimala temple during menstruation, so Ayyappa has given this punishment to the people.

S. Gurumurthy, who was recently inducted into the Board of Directors of the Reserve Bank of India, jumped in the Sabarimala case with his religious arguments. He tweeted that the Supreme Court should consider before its verdict that the flood relation in Kerala is related to the Sabarimala temple. Is it because Sabarimala has cut itself off from the rest of Kerala?

“If there is a possibility of even one percent in thousands, people will never want any decision (of the Supreme Court) against Ayyappa’s will,” Gurumurthy tweeted.

Can S. Gurumurthy explain how Indian law will be able to establish the issue of women’s entry into Sabarimala in relation to the Kerala floods? And if this is the result of Lord Ayyappa’s displeasure, then only women between 10 and 50 years of age should have suffered. Why are those men who have suffered in this flood, who want to keep the status quo in Sabarimala. What is the fault of those children who are younger than 10 years.

Does Gurumurthy and people like him want to convince this country that God is watching the proceedings of the Supreme Court and he is so angry that he has punished millions of Keralites by flooding it? It is only due to the consummate rightists of the present era that they have made the venerated deities their tools of hatred and petty politics. What else would be worse.

BJP’s Vaibhav Agarwal made a different story fly in the air. Agitating the active role of the security forces in disaster management and the help of 600 crores provided by the central government, Agarwal blamed the Left Government of Kerala for 300 deaths. Apparently it was an attempt to take political advantage and show the BJP government at the Center to be the Messiah of Kerala, so that it seemed that Pinnarayi Vijayan was sitting hand in hand. This commentator does not even know that the people of Kerala are not criticizing the Chief Minister at the time of the disaster.

In contrast, the ruler of Dubai, Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maqdoom, tweeted in Malayalam, English and Arabic that the people of Kerala have a huge contribution in the development story of their country. He also announced help. He did not discriminate among the people of Kerala on the basis of religion.

This is the ground of morality of right-wing politics, where humanity is ashamed.